A lot of people have said that they really want to start the decluttering process and don’t know where to begin. This article helped me get started and gave me a sense of direction. I LOVE the 4 box method he talks about. Remember this whole process was accidental for me. I was just trying to make some room in a few closets and ended up decluttering every part of my house and life. Starting small is key. For some reason whenever I talk to people about getting rid of their possessions their minds always go to the most daunting place in their house…”my basement has so much stuff I will never get it clean.” or “I inherited so many things when my parents died that there is no way I could get rid of those items.” I am not asking you to start in your basement or with your sentimental items. In fact I suggest you don’t attempt those areas until you WANT to. Start in a drawer that is cluttered and get rid of all the garbage, duplicates, things you don’t need, and stuff that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Or start with an old toy bin, or even your sock drawer. The key is to start. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. I feel like the happiest days I have had this year are the days I am on my way home from DI. It is so funny, but so exhilarating. This process is work, but you have to clean your house anyway right? So grab a couple bags while you clean up the toy room and fill them. You can donate your items or if you want a little extra cash you can sell them. Facebook has been my best friend for selling things. I found a few city yard sale pages and sell a lot of things on there.

There is a game called Minsgame which is short for the ‘Minimalist Game‘, created by The Minimalists, aka Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The idea of the game is to reduce your possessions over the course of a month, starting with one item on the first, two things on the second, and so on until you’re getting rid of 30/31 things on the last day of the month. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or trash. Whatever you do, each material possession must be out of your house—and out of your life—by midnight each day. (this isn’t practical for me, so I make a DI pile in the trunk of my car and go when I have time.) Keith and I started the game this week, (even though it isn’t the first of the month) We have already gone through everything in our home at least 3 times so it should be interesting to see what we get rid of. We ask ourselves questions like “is there someone who needs this item more than I do?” “when was the last time it was really used?” “do I have more than one of these?” I made a tracking sheet so we could mark our progress. I am not the type of person who will stick to this and only do 1 today and 2 tomorrow. When I get in the mood to dejunk I will make a pile of 30 or so things and cross them off all at once. It doesn’t matter how you play the game. The winner could be the person who completed the most days. Just know that in 30 days you will have eliminated 465 items from your life. Which means in a month Keith and I will have eliminated 930 more items from our home. If you feel up to the challenge print out the sheet below and track your progress!


One thought on “#minsgame

  1. I’m not much for the minimalist games. It just felt good to make life less complicated. I get a little extreme with minimalism but it’s nice that we can each do it out own way. I enjoyed your post.


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