Tender Mercy Angels – Pro Bono

This is my favorite kind of work. This amazing woman started a non-profit organization Tender Mercy Angels making burial clothes for infants out of donated wedding dresses. She decided one day that she wanted more meaning in her life and wanted to do something to help. She has a gift of sewing and randomly decided to make clothing for babies who don’t make it home from the hospital. What started as something she only meant to do as a side hobby for herself accidentally turned into a non profit organization that is touching lives all over Utah. She started in January 2015 and was featured on KSL.com. This press made her idea explode and now she says she has so many people donating their time, talents, and materials that she couldn’t quit if she wanted. I donated my wedding dress and asked if there was anything I could do from a design perspective to help her. She said she needed a logo for starters. I finished this one and am currently working on some printed materials as well.